Just like Tinder dates don’t always look like they do in their profiles pictures, it’s also not uncommon for hotels to look considerably different than they do in the brochures.They might tell you that they have a gym for example, but what they don’t tell you is what their definition of a gym actually is. They might also tell you that they have a swimming pool, while conveniently forgetting to tell you that it’s full of hardened concrete.

Take a look at this hilarious list compiled by Pi Queen for examples of hotels that didn’t quite live up to expectations.

51All the hotels I've stayed in in the Middle East have these little arrows on the ceiling that point Muslim guests towards Mecca

52This hotel makes sure I won't catch on fire while showering

53'Art' in a hotel lobby. Apparently, I've been making masterpieces in the shower for years!

54I'm proud to be in a hotel that doesn't discriminate against midgets

55Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a llama convention booked

56This hotel is very, accommodating

57This hotel's cinema room spared no expense

58Our hotel threw an after party for the 5 weddings last night. My sister got into an Arm Wrestling match with another bride

59Here's the view out of my hotel window on the morning of May 9 in Moscow during the Victory Day

60The sink in my Hotel was a bit, complicated

61My hotel in China has a card to give to a taxi driver so you can find your way back

62Flat carpet in a hotel in Cologne, Germany imitating a curvy surface

63This hotel shampoo assumes your theft

64The hotel I'm staying at in Brazil has a remote that comes with an immediate soccer-watching button

65The view of a cemetery from my Tokyo hotel window looks like a cityscape

66My hotel has a free cell phone you can take with you around town during your stay

67This robot delivered a roll of toilet paper to my hotel room in Cupertino

68My waffle in Houston hotel is shaped like the state of Texas

69The marble in this hotel bathroom has a fossil in it

70There's a TV in my hotel room mirror

71The ice hotel in Sweden has a fire extinguisher

72In the Europa Park Hotel in Germany, there is a tiny children's bathroom inside the adult bathroom

73The elevator in the hotel I'm staying at has an emergency toilet

74This hotel had a stairway installed to nowhere just for photo ops

75This Texas Flag in my hotel lobby is made entirely out of books


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