Just like Tinder dates don’t always look like they do in their profiles pictures, it’s also not uncommon for hotels to look considerably different than they do in the brochures.They might tell you that they have a gym for example, but what they don’t tell you is what their definition of a gym actually is. They might also tell you that they have a swimming pool, while conveniently forgetting to tell you that it’s full of hardened concrete.

Take a look at this hilarious list compiled by Pi Queen for examples of hotels that didn’t quite live up to expectations.

1My hotel has a sitting area with no possible way to access it

2I Was told my hotel room had a courtyard view, I was not disappointed

3Thailand trolled again. These were the CPR Instructions next to the hotel pool. They don't have the slightest clue

4There was this car outside my hotel

5A friend switched on the lights in his hotel room and looked up

6This kids menu at the hotel I’m staying at

7Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a fetish ball booked

8The vent in my hotel shower doesn't seem to be working

9I happened across the laziest hotel doorman of all time

10I work at a hotel. A guest left this when they checked out

11I saw this guy in a hotel. I asked what he was doing. He said, 'There's wifi here' then turned back around

12The word 'hot' in hotel caught on fire

13When I looked underneath my bed at the Hilton hotel, I found this

14The hotel I'm staying at right now. Go go gadget arm!

15My hotel room's bookshelf was built for these specific books

16This was on a lotion they provide at my hotel

17This hotel has thought of everything

18Towel rack at my hotel in Germany, Hotel is fancy enough to want to offer cloth hand towels, but not fancy enough to write off the towels that are stolen

19My hotel likes this painting so much they gave me two of them

20My dad checking into a hotel. They were both completely oblivious

21My hotel elevator in Myanmar is a little confusing

22The hotel I stayed at had this

23A piece of the mirror in my hotel heats up to prevent condensation

24I need to have a talk with the housekeeper at my hotel

25I saw this in a hotel office


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