There are more than 6,000 languages spoken around the world. Each has its own unique grammar and structure, which turns translation into pure art. As in any other field, there are ups and downs. But sometimes things just get lost in translation and the failures can be pretty hilarious and make the whole world unite in laughter.

1It’s a lot to take in

2It is like that sometimes

3Found in Malaysia

4This sign knows something we don't

5Lame is my favorite animal

6No reckless falling allowed

7English Spanish

8I can't imagine he's ever been more proud

9It's too safe here

10This clingy tub of margarine

11Please do not finger the peaches

12In China

13Smork Alam

14Anything is possible

15Can you electrical?

16Turkish food is interesting


18Just five more minutes, Mom

19Huh, never thought of it that way

20For hanging yourself

21Too much room

22Yes, it does.

23It’s his restaurant

24Fire on Everyone

25When no-one in the advertising company speaks Engrish


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