If laughter is the best medicine, then the receivers of these Christmas gifts will probably never get sick. We can all agree that being presented with a well thought out, creative gift is a truly pleasurable experience, but not everyone gets what they expect! That’s why we at PiQueen decided to take a look at some of the most unexpected and funny gifts that people got this year. From crazy packaging pranks to hilariously oversized clothes – this funny gift ideas list won’t disappoint you.

26My sister gave me a very honest gift

27My sister & I compete for 'worst present' each Christmas. She won this year

28One of my girlfriend's Christmas presents arrived today. Wish me luck

29My dad hates wrapping presents so he just does this

30I wrap my brother's Christmas present like this every year. This year it's a gift card

31I present to you 'What the hell is that under our tree' gift. It's gonna drive my wife crazy

32I ran out of wrapping paper and had to improvise. It's nearly unnoticeable

33My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up and he hates them cause he’s colorblind. He’s wanted an iPhone forever so today I bought him one and this is how I wrapped it

34My friend wrapped up a toilet plunger for our white elephant party

35This is how my mom wrapped my sister's rug for Christmas

36My co-worker told me I had no holiday spirit so I wrapped him a gift

37I wrapped a Darth Vader for my dad. I couldn't figure out where to put the lightsaber

38Custom wrapping paper for my dad with his least favorite picture of himself

39My mom spaced out while wrapping gifts this year, Guess I know where she got this one

40I got my dad a pair of skis for Christmas. To scare and confuse him I wrapped them like this

41After 4 attempts, the roommate has given up on wrapping presents

42I’m getting divorced. My friends got me a few very thoughtful gifts

43An elementary school bus driver asked every kid on his bus what they wanted for Christmas. He bought every child a gift

44My sweet innocent mother got my sister a thermos with her initials monogrammed on it for Christmas

45I drunk ordered a Christmas present for my brother, was not disappointed in myself

46My dad has always been a master of disguising gifts, and this year he drilled a hole in a piece of wood to hide a ring box for my mom. The look of ‘too many years of this shit’ is strong with this one

47I got these coasters you can hang on your nose for Christmas

48My bro told my grandma, jokingly, he wanted 100 things from the dollar store for Christmas. Grandma doesn't like being challenged

49I got my little brother a ghillie suit for Christmas and now he won't stop hiding behind the tree

50My little sister made this for me for Christmas


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