If laughter is the best medicine, then the receivers of these Christmas gifts will probably never get sick. We can all agree that being presented with a well thought out, creative gift is a truly pleasurable experience, but not everyone gets what they expect! That’s why we at PiQueen decided to take a look at some of the most unexpected and funny gifts that people got this year. From crazy packaging pranks to hilariously oversized clothes – this funny gift ideas list won’t disappoint you.

1I wrapped my brother's present in cement

2Our family has a 35+ year tradition of disguising Christmas gifts. This took over 80 hours to build

3My sister loves her (new) gift. You can really see it in her face

4My son asked the elf to bring him a Nintendo switch. He found this in his stocking this morning and was sorely disappointed. He is now drawing a picture for the elf, trying to help him know what he really wanted

5Every year I try to disguise my sister's Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far

6Everybody's getting waffle-centric gifts because I got stoned and went online shopping while craving waffles

7My gift from my grandparents today

8The meanest Christmas gift I've ever gotten. I was so excited for a minute

9Shirtception - my favorite gift every year from my brother. We're now at level 5

10This Christmas Giraffe is a collection of 6 gifts for my wife

11This Christmas Moose contains 12 gifts for my wife. Head is a bit small, but it was all for fun anyhow

12When your parents wrap your presents last minute

13I love taco bell tacos and memes. My GF knew the perfect gift to get me

14This is a drone for my dad in the shape of a ten-gallon hat

15This gift I received is wrapped in a such a way that it appears as if Linus and Patty are getting it on in front of Marcie

16We always get each other ironic gifts, my little sister killed it this year: batteries not included

17Christmas gift from my loving friend

18Worst gift wrapping ever

19Just finished making my boyfriend's Christmas gift

20My sister gave me the most thoughtful gift of all

21I bought my wife a necklace for Christmas. The guy asked me if I would like it to gift wrap. I told him yes and asked him to make it look as horrible as possible. He pulled out a roll of tape and said 'as you wish sir'

22Just got my Christmas gift from my grandparents. I'm 31

23These gift pranks are getting worse

24My kid has an unhealthy obsession with who got the biggest present. Gift wrapped 32GB microSD card. Banana for scale

25Received a gift from my mother in law


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