Schools have come a long way from back when we were going to junior high. What with all of the high tech equipment that classrooms have at their disposal, the modern school system provides a much different (and arguably better) experience than the one that we twenty and thirty-somethings had.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not wishing that we were back in high school. We don’t want to go back to the days of math exams and history quizzes. And we certainly don’t pine for the days when we had to run a mile around the track and take showers in gym class. But we digress.

The point we’re trying to make is that modern technology has revolutionized schools and colleges. Tablets, cell phones, and other gadgets are helping to provide kids with a better education. They’re also giving kids the ability to document what goes on in their classrooms, and some of what goes on in those classrooms is mega hilarious. So check out these 70+ funniest things that ever happened at a school.

51High school pranksters in Ohio planted a tree in the middle of the baseball field

52Found this on a table at school today

53When my kids arrived at school today it was reassuring to see Batman on the roof watching over them protectively

54Bring a fish to school day

55Someone from ceramics at my school made this. Mr. Tea

56Kids at my school use their smartphones to change the channel from closed-circuit TV to cartoons every day

57The teachers at my school are having a door decorating contest. This is my math teacher's door

58So this must be how it is at private schools

59My nine-year-old nephew turned this is at school

60Found this in the uni bathrooms. Always gets me

61A nice little rhyme on a toilet door at my uni

62Thought I'd help out in the cafeteria at my uni

63We're the graduating class of Peninsula High this year. They told me I could make the t-shirts. Look what just arrived

64My parents have had a foreign exchange student for the last year. Yesterday, he graduated. This is what his friends got him

65A friend on Facebook shared this slide from her class. The difference between urban, suburban, and rural

66A class of schoolchildren was asked to write haikus. One wrote this. It's a masterpiece

67Saw this guy in class today, and yes that is cheese

68We found this on our gong in class today. We have no clue who put it there

69Our senior class prank

70My friend is a middle school teacher. She caught a student with this today

71My students' prank turned into the coolest thing ever. My own teacher fort

72Does this student look baked to you?

73My mom is a first-grade teacher. One of her students turned this in


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