Schools have come a long way from back when we were going to junior high. What with all of the high tech equipment that classrooms have at their disposal, the modern school system provides a much different (and arguably better) experience than the one that we twenty and thirty-somethings had.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not wishing that we were back in high school. We don’t want to go back to the days of math exams and history quizzes. And we certainly don’t pine for the days when we had to run a mile around the track and take showers in gym class. But we digress.

The point we’re trying to make is that modern technology has revolutionized schools and colleges. Tablets, cell phones, and other gadgets are helping to provide kids with a better education. They’re also giving kids the ability to document what goes on in their classrooms, and some of what goes on in those classrooms is mega hilarious. So check out these 70+ funniest things that ever happened at a school.

26Pretty much sums up my university life

27Spotted this as I exited a university computer lab. I giggled

28University budgets

29A university's engineering lab

30University library restroom

31The university told me to make my thesis title as compelling as possible. So I did

32Someone painted the poop emoji on the spirit rock at my university

33On a door at the university

34A 10-year-old student decides there isn't always one right answer

35My uni has a new program for special students. This program has special 'caged' rooms

36My friend teaches fifth grade, and she was given this by a student today. This kid is going places

37A student in my friend's speech class spent 5 minutes comparing John Cena and Jesus Christ

38In a family bathroom at my university

39University grads telling it like it is

40Went to the bathroom during a university tour and instantly knew where I would be spending the next four years of my life

41Nestled in a corner of my University's bookstore near the art supplies, I found this

42My university removed the coffee vending machine

43Its finals week at our university. Apparently people need all the help they can get

44These guys at my university are really committed to their group costume

45My brother graduated from an online school

46I live in Cincinnati. At my local high school football game, a kid showed up in a gorilla suit and started dragging kids around

47Somebody wore chainmail to their school photo

48A kid at my school had been hiding these behind the windows

49The teacher said we are allowed to bring single side paper for notes during final

50Our teacher was struggling to find where her pdf is every time. So we made this


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