Schools have come a long way from back when we were going to junior high. What with all of the high tech equipment that classrooms have at their disposal, the modern school system provides a much different (and arguably better) experience than the one that we twenty and thirty-somethings had.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not wishing that we were back in high school. We don’t want to go back to the days of math exams and history quizzes. And we certainly don’t pine for the days when we had to run a mile around the track and take showers in gym class. But we digress.

The point we’re trying to make is that modern technology has revolutionized schools and colleges. Tablets, cell phones, and other gadgets are helping to provide kids with a better education. They’re also giving kids the ability to document what goes on in their classrooms, and some of what goes on in those classrooms is mega hilarious. So check out these 70+ funniest things that ever happened at a school.

1So my school is holding elections for the student council, and someone has decided to run as Soviet Bear

2In grade eleven I secretly changed my name on photo day. Nobody noticed so it got printed on my student card

3So my calculus professor found this posted on the door to his office today by a student

4A student of mine wrote down things I said throughout the year and then presented them to me. I honestly don't remember saying some of these things

5There's two types of kids on the first day of school..

6An American exchange student got stuck in a statue of a vagina which we have on campus

7Valentines day card from a student

8Wise words from a Purdue university student

9An international student ran into our office wearing oven mitts, panicking about a 'pig with swords' in his apartment

10One of my girlfriend's students gave her this card for her birthday

11Today I found out how to remotely control my high school student's computers and how to send them messages when they're not doing the right thing

12My teacher friend thought a student was checking the time too often during a test

13A class of students was required to pick a Marvel character to embody within a resume and cover letter. This is what one student handed in

14My friend is teaching English in Korea. This is one of her students

15My buddy teaches English in China. His student might be cheating on google translate

16One of my students turned in this gem today

17I was marking my student's tests and one did this

18My cousin is a preschool teacher and asked her students to suggest names for the baby she is expecting. It went well

19I made my students write a cover letter for a job they wanted after high school. This guy had some high aspirations

20My student pulled a pillow out of his backpack and went to sleep during exam week, I was honestly impressed

21The guy down the hall is an exchange student from Ethiopia. I'm not sure it knows how to use a fridge yet

22Wife had students write their life goals. This kid has life figured out!

23My Econ teacher thought it would be a good idea to let college students give their opinion, on the projector, anonymously

24My friend's a math teacher. He just found his favorite student

25Someone hacked the touch-screen information boards in the main building of my university campus


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