Selfies are arguably the worst thing that ever happened to photography. When people push that selfie button on their camera phone, a funny thing happens. Selfie mode seems to activate the douchebag portion of the human brain, which often leads to unsightly things like duckface, derp face, and kissy lips.

While you might want to document every aspect of your glorious life, sometimes taking a photo of yourself might go in a different direction of being a total disaster. Below you will find the funniest selfie pictures that the Internet has to offer.

1Just bought a selfie stick

2Decided to try out a selfie stick. Still, don't see what the point of it is

3Perfectly timed dog selfie

4An opossum got into my buddy's house and he snapped a selfie with it while he was carrying it out

5Who knew the best selfie I’d ever take, would be in a parking lot with my sister

6No matter how cool you are, you'll never be elephant taking your selfie cool

7I asked Gaston for a selfie, this is what I got

8When you can't afford a selfie stick

9When you take a selfie with Aussie cops

10Perfect selfie with Bill

11When you try to take a selfie with your dog

12Dat selfie, doe

13My dad took a selfie in front of this man with a 'Stop taking selfies' t-shirt on

14Chelsea fan taking a selfie of himself taking a selfie

15Found in a 1995 book of 'useless' Japanese inventions, the selfie stick

16Selfie photobomb... Nailed it

17Selfie with a fallen US surveillance drone

18My friend tried taking a selfie with a monkey. It didn't end well

19I may see a better selfie of a man, a baby and a dog this month but I doubt it

20My mom wanted a selfie of her sons at our sister's wedding

21I dropped my phone mid selfie

22The do-it-your-selfie-stick

23Fan spills drink on Coolio while taking a selfie

24Winter selfie did right

25This man asked the highjacker for a selfie during EgyptAir's plane highjack


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