Sometimes, when life gets you down, you need a good laugh to make it all better. We can’t think of a better way to laugh than looking at hilarious baby pictures. As many parents know, most of the time their tiny little ones aren’t doing much of anything besides soiling diapers, so when you get that one perfect shot of them making a funny face, it’s priceless. And, unless you have a heart of stone, they will be sure to put a smile on your face. Here are 70 Funniest Baby Pictures You Will Ever See.

26Our son is two months old. Today he was hanging out with his great-grandpa

27I took a bunch of pictures and just snapped away quickly and was able to capture this moment

28My Mom asked me for a ‘formal picture’ of my one-month-old baby. I sent her this

29My nephew was asked to wave for his uncle

30I think my son is plotting something

31This is what happens when I take a picture with a baby

32My friend’s daughter just met her new baby brother

33My daughter, working on her DeNiro impression

34My son was just born and apparently had something to say about the delivery

35Like father, like son

36Wondering whether or not you should wear that condom or take birth control. Because this is real life

37So my mom sent me one of my baby pictures

38When you run out of things to talk about

39This is the inventive Dad of the day

40I think I confused my friend’s kid

41Some kids are scared of Santa. Mine, on the other hand

42My sister’s orphanage gave us her baby pictures. This one reigns supreme

43They loved sitting in the pumpkins last year! This year, not so much

44Grandpa meets Grandson. What are the odds both of them make that face

45My extended family in Idaho already had a Cabbage Patch Kid in the family, so they gave it a twin

46While changing baby Aiden’s diaper he was in quite the mood

47My son was drinking and driving his car around the house. I found him like this

48The weird stuff my Mum does with her grandson

49After telling us about the great deal she got on perfume, she wanted to hold my daughter. The baby wasn’t a fan of the copious amounts of Mexican Chanel #5 her great grandma was wearing

50I think my 4-month-old daughter is plotting something


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