When something breaks or stops working, some of us call a professional to fix it; some prefer to throw broken things away and get new ones. And there’s one more group of people who can fix things themselves, even if it seems they have no resources for it. We have collected some pictures of these creative people’s masterpieces that will probably inspire you to try “engineering” as well.

26It also mows the grass

27It’s getting cold out, better crank up the heat!

28Just riding a branch down the street

29Lifted lawnmower tank thing


31My dad's solution when a control knob broke off in my car

32No need for a car phone mount, use a CD

33Outdoor patio set

34Pickup on a truck on a truck on a truck

35Picnic table boat

36The pool made with plastic sheet and balcony

37Ready for winter

38Really Florida?

39Redneck ingenuity

40Redneck pool

41Redneck towing

42Retired from the interstate - now off to the lake

43Shelf = level

44Simple but classic


46Soap dispenser

47Swing for kids

48The budget GoPro consisting of an old belt, an old phone, and tape

49The motor failed on the ice cream maker, so they rigged a cordless drill to keep the maker spinning

50They should market this feature


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