When something breaks or stops working, some of us call a professional to fix it; some prefer to throw broken things away and get new ones. And there’s one more group of people who can fix things themselves, even if it seems they have no resources for it. We have collected some pictures of these creative people’s masterpieces that will probably inspire you to try “engineering” as well.

1A homemade hammer

2A normal anti-bear window frame

3A propeller protector

4A splint for a broken tibia

5A two-story pontoon boat

6Air conditioning

7All it's missing is a sign saying beware of dog

8BBQ season

9Bin speakers

10Boot dryer

11But why

12Can you dig it?

13Christmas tree

14Coffee table of death

15The creative solution at Walmart

16Curtain tie back is broken! No problem!

17Duct tape racing stripes

18Float switch

19Fuel gauge

20He doesn't like to plow when it's cold outside

21Holding the umbrella up with a mallet C-clamped to a block

22Homemade stroller at Disney world

23Hood ornament

24Hornets suit



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