Here at Pi Queen, we just can’t get over the fact that creative designers are still able to find ingenious new ways to be useful in our lives. You’d think there’s only so many different ways to reinvent everyday objects, but these designs will prove you wrong.

26Dog treats come with a clip so you can attach one to your phone and take a selfie with your dog

27This baby pickle jar comes with a tiny elevator for them

28Canadian Classic matches come with a little ashtray in them

29This TV poster

30Door foot handle for restroom doors

31This pill bottle lid tells you when you last opened it

32Sink-Stove-Fridge Combo In a Tiny House

33This cake knife comes with a match and a striker

34Cab with a small mirror for the back seats to check for any scooters or pedestrians before opening the door

35Natural elf ear

36Tub of protein has a scoop that sits at the top so you don't have to dig for it

37Shower faucet has a built-in water temperature gauge

38A calculator with a built-in chess board

39Sweatshirts with built-in earphones as laces

40This old mug has a mustache protector

41This tequila case is topped with a drum and comes with drumsticks

42Good one

43They clearly know what they are doing

44This Stapler comes with colored staples in the back, to remind you to refill it when staples run low

45Hexagonal paper for drawing organic compounds

46One of the best results of a bus advertising a giant constrictor snake squeezing Copenhagen citybus as part of a campaign for the city zoo

47Backpack with a hidden whistle

48Disposable spoon with a built-in toothpick

49Pretty clever

50This birth control package comes with a space to store a condom


  1. I think I have those bird scissors.

    And the slide with rollers in Osaka isn’t that unique; back in 1990, I went camping at a campground whose playground had just such a slide.


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