Here at Pi Queen, we just can’t get over the fact that creative designers are still able to find ingenious new ways to be useful in our lives. You’d think there’s only so many different ways to reinvent everyday objects, but these designs will prove you wrong.

1An exhibit at Peabody Essex Museum

2Noodle container with a built-in strainer

3This swing is designed so that the kid and the parent can swing together

4Awesome tabasco tray on a pizza

5Trash bins in Copenhagen are angled so cyclists can toss their trash while biking

6Benjamin Franklin mug with a slot to make the end of your tea bag look like a kite

7This kids’ slide with rollers near Osaka Castle

8A public bike stand with a built-in pump

9This pen has a built in periodic table

10This restaurant uses pasta instead of plastic straws

11Drawers That Work In Corners

12That's some neat space saving design

13This menu in an Italian restaurant is shaped like a circle showing you what the type of pizza would look like

14Carpentry tool with pins to outline a shape

15Shopping cart with a calculator

16Beer came in a jug with a side compartment full of ice to keep the beer cool

17This lemon in a restaurant came with a mesh wrap so the seeds don’t fall into your food when you squeeze it

18This toothpaste comes with a sliding key to help roll the tube

19This antique door from 1380 in Regensburg (Germany) helps to find the Keyhole if you are drunk

20Nice design for a student room with some privacy

21These set of sheets come with a handy little pocket

22You can charge this battery with a micro USB

23Bird scissors

24Tap Fountain

25This bar has a frosted strip to rest your drink on so it stays cold


  1. I think I have those bird scissors.

    And the slide with rollers in Osaka isn’t that unique; back in 1990, I went camping at a campground whose playground had just such a slide.


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