Instagram has long been more than just a photo editing app. People have been announcing pregnancies, documenting travel, sharing restaurant visits and recipes with the world. Instagram has become more like a diary for many users. How good is that the lives of Instagram users are so different. But are they really that different? Insta Repeat is an Instagram account dedicated to highlighting the ‘visual sameness’ of many Instagram pictures, tracking the trending hashtags of influencers who see where the likes are and follow along to the same places, strike the same poses, and take identical nature photos.

We have compiled 65 Pics from this account, so scroll down to check them all out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

1The person in middle of a snowy road

2Bridges in the woods with a person

3Leaves x12

4Never Ends


6More of this

7Person-centred, standing in a rock in a teal lake

8The medium wide back person in a hat

9Blood moon

10A medium back person holding this specific type of hat onto their head

11Medium windy

12People in hats

13This place again

14This framing at a beach overlook

15Person-centred and sitting on a rock near the lake

16The person at the edge of a cliff

17Medium back of the girls head

18Fire x12

19Person-centred atop a high point framed against the sky

20x12 canoes

21Wild birds fed

22Hairy cows

23Phones in the wild

24People-centred in ice caves

25Red houses


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