We all get lazy sometimes. Too lazy to clean the house, wash the dishes, go out for sports, play with the children, or go somewhere. But some people surpass all boundaries and find a way to live without fighting laziness.

1Not my job

2Using snorkel for taking pool naps

3Why Get up

4Drinking out of a bag

5Enough tape fixes everything

6When you don't own an Iron

7Now her hands won't get tired

8Lazy Moment

9Painting Lines

10Been a while since these were brought

11Single Garlic

12Definition of Laziness

13They are living in the future

14No chopsticks. No problems

15Thinking out of the box

16Do not remove


18Always just a dog whistle away from a bottle opener

19Rocking Chair


21Too many straws

22Walking the Dog

23Finish the job

24He is living in 3017

25Can't stand in line


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