Sometimes you come across some surprisingly cool, mildly interesting things. From beds that look like ice cream sandwiches to cats with opposable thumbs. People often post photos of these cool things on the internet and there is no shortage of fascinating images on the Internet. Some pictures of these mildly interesting things exceed the moniker and are downright incredible. These images might not leave you wondering how they’ve done it, but they do show a side to live that is far from mundane. So, read on to explore the world of the exceptionally ordinary.

1The horses were standing so still that their shadows still have frost

2The snow has settled only on the outline of the bricks on this driveway

3Modern Icelandic houses are built with geothermally heated water pipes under their sidewalks so Icelanders never have to shovel in winter

4The way this extension cord was fit through this crack

5The glass globe of this light focused the sunlight enough to burn the suns path in the grass

6Someone has two of the same car painted exactly opposite of each other

7A sword in a stone in Somerset, England

8Molding Cast of Ronald McDonald looks kinda like a torture device

9UPS in Italy uses these bicycle trucks to deliver packages to places in the narrow streets of Rome

10Worm crawling through an outdoor mat

11This ER Room has a collection of the fish hooks they removed from people visiting the hospital

12Ice sheet holding onto trees after flood subsides

13The mailbox at this construction office is a crane

14This raincoat reveals a floral pattern when wet

15This hotel has a 'Shower Beer' fridge by the shower

16This stone house has a map on the USA built into the wall

17This bench is made from a curled-up paving stone

18Without barriers, the British still know how to queue!

19This tree has no leaves except for the area lit by the streetlight

20These magnets are stocked past the end

21This mural at a school has Fahrenheit 451 positioned on the fire extinguisher

22All of the pens are made in Japan except the red one

23This newspaper from the Dominican Republic used a picture of Alec Baldwin as Trump

24Paint-chipping making the wheelchair guy look like an angry old man

25This spatula has a stand so the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter


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