Sometimes you come across some surprisingly cool, mildly interesting things. From two windows in the same room showing two different seasons to what two decade old sealant looks like. People often post photos of these cool things on the internet and there is no shortage of fascinating images on the Internet. Some pictures of these mildly interesting things exceed the moniker and are downright incredible. These images might not leave you wondering how they’ve done it, but they do show a side to live that is far from mundane. So, read on to explore the world of the exceptionally ordinary.

1My neighbor's house encased in ice after the recent blizzard in Ohio

2Our dog’s paw looks like a mini-version of him

3The vending machine at work made an error and distributed everything all at once

4The sediment from this chemical reaction looks like a marshy forest

5I just got a full tank of gas for under $3.00 because someone screwed up the decimal place

6Chain of Starburst wrappers I've been building for three years

7The smoke in the cigarette spells out "Life" in the no smoking area and "Death" in the designated smoking area

8My beer had a straight line of bubbles

9My friend's Giant sunflower

10My tour guide's tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail

11This picture of my parents never actually happened, but two separate photos that fit perfectly together

12This box of cling film has a picture of a box of cling film that has a picture of a box of cling film that has a picture of a box of cling film

13My friend’s smoked cauliflower looks like an explosion

14Cracked open a nice 18-year-old tube of sealant and found it like this

15This is a spot in my high school where people pivot on the stairs

16The book I was reading on the plane mentioned the flight I was reading it on

17This metal slide is water cooled so it doesn’t burn kids in the summer

18This is in the restaurant where Jeremy Clarkson and his producer had the argument leading to his firing

19This satellite dish is incorporated into this Brazilian flag

20This picture of a frozen puddle in my backyard looks like a landscape from the perspective of a plane

21I photographed a white stag mid sneeze

22The comparison of right handed and left handed people at my high school

23Homer Simpson is hiding in my rug

24There is a cursor in my jigsaw puzzle picture

25'Not OJ' license plate on a white Ford Bronco


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