A logo’s job is to give off the same energy you would want people to receive when you describe the company or organization it represents. Marketers say that a good logo design should immediately catch the viewer’s eye, however, if you did manage to grab everyone’s attention – that doesn’t necessarily mean you did a good job. There might always be some hidden pictures, usually inappropriate ones that you cannot see at first sight. Here’s a list of Top 68 Funniest Logo Fails That Are Just Too Ridiculous.

1An unfortunate logo for a fitness centre

2Logo for a Children’s Hospital. Right side up is a man playing with kids. Upside down is an angry man stomping on kids

3This graphic design company sabotaged themselves from the very start with one of the worst logos of all time

4Girls water polo team logo

5I found in a Chinese shop

6Now that's just a bad logo. Period

7Unfortunate logo for the Swedish paper company named 'Locum'

8Putting your brown logo on white shoes

9Delivery company copied their logo too, but from IE and FEDEX

10Gin Ooo Ng. Even trying I can't make this logo work

11Russian bread company logo. Literally crappy design

12Then why use the recyclable logo

13Why do busses put logos on the side

14A bar logo. So smart

15The Brazilian Cinematheque logo

16The logo for Wheelchair Rugby looks like a guy falling off a Wheelchair

17Don't overthink this, it's just a handball club logo

18The new logo for Arhus University

19The logo on my portable charger can be read both ways

20The flag is just a pic of their logo somewhere else

21'Yes, a hanged family would make a great logo for our company'

22Instead of using the University’s logo to replace the 'C' in central, they just kind of threw it on there

23What's that again? New English logo of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

24Your logo designer is still laughing

25This store is called Jupiter. Their logo is the Moon


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