Anyone can have a bad day. Sometimes work, life, peer pressure and situations all go against us and we are left frustrated and bad-tempered. However, that’s not the end of the world. And believe us when we say that there are thousands of things that can lift up your mood for the better. We have compiled a list of positive pics that we guarantee will put a smile on your face! (even if you are having a bad day!)

51These workers at Olive Garden listened to my great grandma as we were sitting down. Not a lot of people give her the time of day

52This is the opposite of a problem

53The difference insulin has made for people suffering diabetes

54Uncle wears a princess gown to go see Cinderella because his niece was too scared to dress up alone

55Lady finds her cat alive 16 days after a tornado

56Two friends waiting for a train

57Lady friend wanted a piggyback picture on the beach and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too

58Mom helping with an extra hard Super Mario Land level


60So happy with his toy

61The cow whisperer

62Needed to be shared

63The happiest seal you'll ever see

64Guy reunified with a girl he rescued during Hurricane Katrina more than 10 years later

65Mother and son sharing a moment in a copier and doing that again 17 years later

66World's most patient pet owner

67A mother listens to her deceased son's heartbeat in the chest of the woman he donated it to


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