Anyone can have a bad day. Sometimes work, life, peer pressure and situations all go against us and we are left frustrated and bad-tempered. However, that’s not the end of the world. And believe us when we say that there are thousands of things that can lift up your mood for the better. We have compiled a list of positive pics that we guarantee will put a smile on your face! (even if you are having a bad day!)

26Hardware store taking care of our fellow wildlife

27No other goodwill in my city does this

28This man visits the local no-kill shelter to brush cats and occasionally falls asleep

29Remember the old man who lost everything in the fire but saved his kitten? People bought a new house for him and his three cats

3094-year-old Keith Davison, lonely after losing his wife of 66 years, built a pool for the neighborhood kids

31Some things never change

32Sneaky Lil dude

33This veteran was asked by a little girl if he would do it again. He said, Yes, for you

34Mr. steal your girl

35A firefighter rescued a cat from a wildfire in Paradise, California

36Charlie’s report card

37This gentleman showed up with flowers and in a tux to visit his wife in the hospital for their 57th anniversary

38Just got my brother into Calvin and Hobbes. He runs up to me with a huge smile every 2 minutes showing me a new strip every time

39My friend showed up to the bar wearing the same tank top as the bartender and immediately challenged him to an arm wrestle. The whole place went nuts

40This is Calvin. He came to my door asking for a banana, then left without saying thank you

41Lowe's ran out of generators, and a complete stranger gave his generator to a woman whose father is living on oxygen

42In 1980 I got my head stuck in a fence and instead of helping me my parents took this photo

43Pizza hut employee helping elderly women place an order online, so she gets a better deal than if she ordered in store

44Two officers stopped to help a young boy change a bike tire after they noticed he was struggling on his own

45The pilot on the left dumped out a bag of candy on panel & they divided them up before takeoff. They were probably swapping their favorite flavors

46We rise by lifting others

47My father has been taking the same bus to work and back for the last 5 years. Today, all the regular commuters gave a farewell to the bus conductor on his last working day

48Trucks line up to save man from suicide in Michigan

49Cat shampoo

50I bet this made his day


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