Ever seen those “Trust me, I’m an engineer” memes? Well, now we know where they got their inspiration from. We’re all guilty of a little DIY now and again. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes it’s just plain disastrous. But when it isn’t TOO disastrous, it can often be pretty funny. Which is why Pi Queen have compiled this list of amusingly creative DIY solutions to pesky everyday problems. So take a look at the pictures below. You might just find a good way to fix something. Or you’ll discover the best way NOT to do things. Either way, it’s probably best if you don’t try these at home. But if you have already then feel free to send us your pictures!

26Direct Connection

27Wood you plug that in for me

28Someone Filled the potholes with cement like this

29Baby monitor in drive-thru

30Truck is fixed and ready to go

31Useless Storm Drain

32Small girders propping up a building that partially collapsed

33Doesn't Look Dangerous At all


35Low-budget defib

36Double Flashlight Special

37Fixing the microwave's knob

38Shrink wrap to the rescue

39Nothing Wrong Here

40That's one way to fix your headlight

41Shower Broken. No Problem

42Fifa Stadium

43Privacy Curtain Adds Privacy

44As good as new

45Quality workmanship

46Broken Pillar

47Makes me nervous just looking at it

48When you car's locks don't work

49How to fix a leak

50Office Chair


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