Ever seen those “Trust me, I’m an engineer” memes? Well, now we know where they got their inspiration from. We’re all guilty of a little DIY now and again. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes it’s just plain disastrous. But when it isn’t TOO disastrous, it can often be pretty funny. Which is why Pi Queen have compiled this list of amusingly creative DIY solutions to pesky everyday problems. So take a look at the pictures below. You might just find a good way to fix something. Or you’ll discover the best way NOT to do things. Either way, it’s probably best if you don’t try these at home. But if you have already then feel free to send us your pictures!

1Fence damaged, Not anymore

2A Brick is a Brick

3That Should Hold It Up

4Quick Fix

5No one is gonna fall into this hole! There’s a cone!

6One way to fix a pothole

7Broken Industrial equipment taped instead of welding them together

8Gotta get to the drain

9Car is Fixed. I don't see any problem.

10That’ll do it

11Perfect Match

12The broken couch is now usable

13Perfectly Nailed It

14Totally fixed the wall

15Just wow

16"Green Button"

17Microwave Mailbox

18That Should Fix It

19Fixed Broken Shower

20Heater at a job site

21Job is done

22Apparently duct tape cant fix everything

23New lock out procedure

24Perfectly balanced

25A window of an airplane about to take off


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