Tools are sometimes designed to be highly specialized to do exactly one job, and they do it exceptionally well. Seriously, these are the tools people talk about when they say robots are coming to take your position. They have been designed with exactly one thing in mind: to do a job and to do it well– and I think they are pretty darn incredible. There’s something so satisfying about seeing a machine work exactly the way it is supposed to.

51The hoop that relieves sideways force and stabilizes when carrying two buckets of water

52An old french tool used only for holding the leg of lamb while carving the meat

53A maintenance truck made to move on roads and rails

54Pickup truck garbage can hitch

55Eyeglass cleaners

56Wire Bender. Used to bend wires and make my job a hell of a lot easier

57Utensil used to push food onto your fork or spoon used by my grandparents back in the day

58A tool that spins the little pink eraser at the point. It weighs about 2 pounds

59Medical gloves designed for medical emergency response

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60Radiator fin straightener

61Fire alarm remover

62Russian snowblower or better said, a snow melter. They use Klimov VK-1 engines from Mig-15 planes

63This is a tower for rolling dice

64A dolly used to move 5-gallon buckets, the red clamp on the bottom can move up and down the dolly, if you only want to pick up 1 or 2 buckets from a stack

65T-34 turned into a construction machine

66A GlasLift. It lifts glass

67Stranahan style blind nailing plane. Pressing the lever moves a cutter into the wood leaving an attached flap of wood. A nail is driven below the flap, which is hidden when the flap is glued down

68A leather ring thing to help open 'difficult to open' jars


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