Tools are sometimes designed to be highly specialized to do exactly one job, and they do it exceptionally well. Seriously, these are the tools people talk about when they say robots are coming to take your position. They have been designed with exactly one thing in mind: to do a job and to do it well– and I think they are pretty darn incredible. There’s something so satisfying about seeing a machine work exactly the way it is supposed to.

1Hole saw for digging skyscraper foundation

2A tool for researchers to quickly shuffle between different books

3A washing machine for garbage cans

4Cell phone hotspot in Australia. Set your phone on the post, dish focuses the signal to the nearest tower. 100% passive, the tool itself uses no power

5Laser docking bay guides

6Squeezer for a single slice of lemon

7Found at 99 stores, a Hotwheels mount for your GoPro

8This 70s Tupperware patent lid holder at my grandma's house

9Men stand with the giant chain links that were forged for the Titanic's Hingley anchor, 1910. At the time, the Titanic had the largest anchor in the entire world. At Hingley and sons

10This sign turns on when you can no longer see over the snowbanks

11Smoke detector tester. On a stick

12Hexagonal paper for drawing organic compounds

13Specially designed screwdriver for removing the calendar nut on a Rolex

14Specialized rulers for fashion pattern drafting

15A tool so specialized, nobody knows what it is anymore

16At my job we use this triple-bladed knife to score our hamburger buns

17A keyboard designed for one-handed people

18Lego brick separator - 630

19Every year after Glastonbury festival this tractor with a magnet attached to it picks up thousands of tent pegs so that grazing cows don't choke

20Coal stacker reclaimer

21Several years ago my uncle made this special hat so he could see and feed hummingbirds up close

22Pizza slice grabber

23Make way for the 'medium nut gatherer'

24The tool used to remove the skin to be used in skin grafts

25I really didn't want to eyeball this curve, so I printed a Radius Gauge


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