Up until the 1970s, color photography was extremely rare, and so when we think about history prior to that time, we often envision it in black and white. Today’s technology now enables us to “colorize” historical photos, giving us our only chance at seeing what the world really looked like back then. And it was truly spectacular. Take a trip back in time through these photos below. It’s quite incredible to see Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein in living color.

51Star Wars Stars

Star Wars cast out of costumes : Harrison Ford (Han Solo), David Prowse (Darth Vader), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Kenny Baker (R2-D2). cca 1977

52First Flight

Orville Wright flying a glider over the dunes of North Carolina, 1902.


Abraham Lincoln, 1860.

54Ovitz Family

The Ovitz family - a family of Jewish actors/traveling musicians who survived imprisonment at Auschwitz during World War II. Seven of them were dwarfs.


A Japanese prisoner captured near Nauro on the Kokoda Track being cared for by Australian stretcher bearers, New Guinea, October 1942.

56U.S. Marine

A U.S. Marine reaches through the barbed wire of a civilian containment area to give a young Japanese boy candy during the Battle of Tinian.

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Young John F. Kennedy, 1947.


Rasputin - Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man.

59Soccer Team

The soccer team of British WWI soldiers wearing gas masks, France, 1916.

60Buffalo Soldiers Division

American infantrymen of the U.S. Army’s 92nd Infantry Division (“Buffalo Soldiers Division”) are photographed at rest in Italy. Province of La Spezia, Liguria. April 1945.


The as-yet-unknown Robin Williams in Central Park, 1974.


American troops prepare nazi Major General Anton Dostler for execution for killing 15 OSS men, Italy, 1945.


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