Making mistakes is perfectly normal and it’s ultimately what makes us human. But you know what else is human? Making fun of others’ mistakes. There’s no shortage of human errors around us. That’s why we have collected the most hilarious ones to serve you.

26A wince-inducing typo

27Misspelled street sign

28That's a rough typo, Fox

29Are you sure?

30They think they fixed it

31Forever preserved in the cement

32Now that is a solid Plan. Fire can't get you in the sky

33My grandma's abdomen

34Finally, the ant savior is re-born

35The correct spelling was literally right in front of them

36Beep steak, medium rare

37Managerial Special

38Same juice brand has three different spellings

39Boston, Msaeachubaets


41Pass the Parma Jawn!

42Firefighters had to deal with not just the fire, but

43Rember Perl Horber

44Tyler Cannon did what?

45Ah yes, the cheap Chinese knockoff Death Star

46Spike Lee

47Great high school yearbook typo

48Art of Writing

49An actual prescription

50That's a pretty unfortunate typo


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