The purpose of a mannequin is to give people a relatively accurate representation of what clothes would look like on their bodies. But if you think mannequins are nothing but lifeless figures, then think again. These mannequins in funny posing will certainly change the way you see them.

We see them every day at the clothing stores and we often disregard their presence. It is about time they take center stage with these funny poses that will tickle your funny bones. Thanks to the clever people who came up with the idea of arranging them to look entertaining, shopping has never been more fun!

1Italian Army General Claudio Graziano trying to shake hands with a military dummy during an official event, 2018

2Finally, a mannequin that adequately reflects how buff I look in polo shirts

3I saw this mannequin at Target the other day

4Dad sent me a picture of him 'having fun in Lord & Taylor' while mom shops

5When the clothes shop has your size

6Mannequins in Japan

7It’s over a mannequin

8Dad knocks over a mannequin. His reaction is priceless

9The most pumped up mannequin

10The mannequin didn't want to be in the mall any more than I did

11Unfortunate mannequin placement

12A happy mannequin

13Went to Romania recently. These mannequins gave me nightmares

14Unrealistic male beauty standards set by Macy's mannequins

15So tired of these unrealistic beauty standards

16At Dallas airport

17Every morning on my way to work, I feel a deep spiritual connection with this mannequin

18Cheer up, mannequin, it's supposed to be the best day of your life

19A fabulous mannequin

20Mannequin Massacre

21Danny DeVito as a lingerie store mannequin in Brazil

22Coming on a little too strong mannequin

23Finally some realistic expectations

24My friend looks exactly like these mannequins

25This mannequin from a WW2 themed museum in Normandy looks like Bruce Willis


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