Out of the top 49 oldest people alive today, only 2 are men. Some might say that this is a coincidence, but scientific studies suggest otherwise. People used to think that men didn’t live as long because they were the breadwinners, unlike women who were stay-at-home moms. Today, both men and women lead similarly stressful lives, yet women still outlive men. Is it a woman’s immune system? Luck? Magical powers? Most probably men can sometimes make some stupid decisions when they really get into the jam of their work.

There are many biological theories behind why women live longer than men, but we’re sure that behavior like in these pictures isn’t helping. Live and learn, guys!


52Russian Electricians

53This idea doesn't seems safe

54Ground fault interrupter

55Tough Worker

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56What could possibly go wrong?

57That container must be a bit heavier than others

58A Normal day in Russia

59A little more to the right

60I'll just fasten myself to these power lines for safety


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