Out of the top 49 oldest people alive today, only 2 are men. Some might say that this is a coincidence, but scientific studies suggest otherwise. People used to think that men didn’t live as long because they were the breadwinners, unlike women who were stay-at-home moms. Today, both men and women lead similarly stressful lives, yet women still outlive men. Is it a woman’s immune system? Luck? Magical powers? Most probably men can sometimes make some stupid decisions when they really get into the jam of their work.

There are many biological theories behind why women live longer than men, but we’re sure that behavior like in these pictures isn’t helping. Live and learn, guys!

1What could possibly go wrong?

2I can't figure out how either of them got there

3Lowest bidder in action

4What could go wrong?

5Only in Thailand can you see this

6Fixing an AC compressor on a level 28 ledge

7Counter-balance problem solved

8No need to shut down. This will just take a second

9He is pulling on a stuck gate

10Didn't know the shop had a barber on tap

11Apprentice trying to fish a wire

12This can lead to grain explosion

13Don't worry, they're wearing helmets

14Unplugging an electric car while using gas cans as stilts

15Welding protection

16As long as they watch him he'll be fine

17They Should buy a ladder

18That's a whole lot of ladders

19Put your hard hat back on

20Tired of working

21Member of a Robotics Team

22Watch and learn, boys

23Maximum Capacity

24That's not a safe way to transport materials

25No way this could go wrong


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