Kanye does a lot of things. He produces platinum records, collects Grammys, designs his Yeezy clothing line. But there is another side to Kanye. KanyeDoingThings is an Instagram account that collects photos and video, culled from actual throwaway images, presenting Kanye as the “everyman”. You can see him playing in the snow, eating Captain Crunch, holding a dog and sleeping.

1Kanye sledding

2Kanye riding a trolly

3Kanye tubing

4Kanye performing in a Perrier costume on SNL

5Kanye reading a tiny dictionary

6Kanye throwing out the first pitch

7Kanye sleeping

8Kanye playing with VR

9Kanye dressing up

10Kanye wearing big slides

11Kanye enjoying some beach time with the wife

12Kanye handing Weezy some wings

13Kanye going go-karting

14Kanye eating Popeyes

15Kanye grabbing a Slurpee

16Kanye blowing out his birthday cake

17Kanye being very excited

18Kanye collecting the joint

19Kanye walking with the family

20Kanye going for a walk

21Kanye enjoying the zoo

22Kanye rallying at March For Our Lives

23Kanye pretending to take a pee pee for the paparazzi

24Kanye playing Family Feud

25Kanye testing out the new filters


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