Anyone can look and feel good depending on the clothes worn. However, when it comes to dressing down for the occasion, it is a difficult task to conquer. This is most especially with the thousands of fashion trends and styles the earth has nowadays.  Apparently, there are people who, for some reasons, see an outfit as an art itself.

Whether or not they meant to wear a certain outfit, they certainly took the entire “dressed for the occasion” thing to a whole new level. This is where clothes become a funny thing at the right time. Scroll down below and see for yourself!

51Only when it gets in your eyes




55During a cricket match

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56Oh, the irony

57Bangalore local news TV anchor forgets to check her t-shirt before going on the show. It says 'Shut the Fu*k Up'

58My friend unintentionally wore the most hilarious t-shirt ever to my child's birth

59My nephew was wearing an appropriate shirt when I showed up for Thanksgiving

60My friend had on the perfect shirt for the moment


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