Anyone can look and feel good depending on the clothes worn. However, when it comes to dressing down for the occasion, it is a difficult task to conquer. This is most especially with the thousands of fashion trends and styles the earth has nowadays.  Apparently, there are people who, for some reasons, see an outfit as an art itself.

Whether or not they meant to wear a certain outfit, they certainly took the entire “dressed for the occasion” thing to a whole new level. This is where clothes become a funny thing at the right time. Scroll down below and see for yourself!

26Never have I seen a shirt so true, until I put this one on my kid

27Who wore it better?

28We all know that guy who had to one-up everyone

29We had a school lockdown because of a bomb threat. This guy wore either the best or the worst shirt

30My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt

31My husband and I were camping and we found a fellow VWer wearing the same shirt, and owning the same year as the bus

32I didn't realize until after the picture was taken that my shirt was getting lucky

33It wasn’t on purpose, I swear

34My brother accidentally wore the same outfit as my daughter's birthday present

35My dad took a selfie in front of this man with a 'Stop taking selfies' t-shirt on

36My dog and I match the fallout shirt I’m wearing

37This person wore the right shirt today

38This door repairman has such a helpful shirt

39My friend met this gentleman at Gallatin Field Airport (Montana, USA). Coincidentally, he just happened to be wearing this shirt

40Well this pretty much made my day

41So my friend was in a restaurant wearing a Bill Murray tee-shirt when

42I don't look for trouble

43My neck

44Damn I'm good

45These guy's shirt while riding in a truck bed

46It didn't work out


48Sometimes the funniest things are completely unplanned

49Man in ‘no seriously, I have drugs’ t-shirt arrested for meth possession in Kmart

50The perfect t-shirt for a mugshot


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