Just because Christmas is a holiday filled with traditions doesn’t mean your holiday decorations have to be traditional. Yes, people everywhere are finding new creative ways to deck their halls with DIY Christmas trees and we can’t get enough.

Some of the beauties on the list were actually made with pine, while other people had to construct their trees from whatever was laying around. No matter what materials their creators used they are all unique and some, even hilarious. This ist shows off the best and the brightest designs from Christmas enthusiasts who like to think outside the box.

1A Christmas tree for when you have cats

2Holiday spirit level - Christmas tree on an iPad

3Own Christmas tree where we are deployed

4I made a bacterial Christmas tree in the lab

5Really tall Christmas tree in our neighborhood

6I didn't feel like having a Christmas tree this year, so I just hung a few ornaments instead

7Our slightly different Christmas tree

8Awesome Christmas tree

9Three years ago my wife broke down crying because we couldn't even afford a tree (or presents) for Christmas. So I borrowed some lights and made this in our empty apartment.

10My family designed and made a gingerbread Christmas tree. The numbers say 'Christmas Tree' in binary

11Our floating Christmas tree

12Christmas portal tree

13I turned my new 7' blue Christmas tree into Cookie Monster

14My work made a Christmas tree out of books

15We made Christmas tree out of latex gloves in our laboratory

16Upside down Christmas tree in Australia

17A Christmas tree made out of Pelicans in Gold Coast, Australia

18Encyclopedia Christmas tree at my local university

19Fractal Christmas tree at Cambridge maths department

20Christmas tree at a public library

21A Christmas tree made out of sheets of lake ice

22No one at work has taken responsibility for decorating the Christmas tree, for the last week it has been propped up in its box waiting. Today, I stepped up to the plate

23Time to drag out the cat proof Christmas tree again

24My lab has a new Christmas tree

25My uncle's Christmas Tree this year


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