Living next to someone gives you a front row seat to all the weird stuff they do in the “privacy” of their own homes. Sometimes they’re “fun and silly” crazy, sometimes they’re “weird and depressing” crazy, and other times, they’re just straight up “are-you-a-murderer” crazy.

We have compiled a list of pics of the funniest, the strangest, and the scariest neighbors we could find. The list below will either make you yearn for that cabin in the woods, or it’ll make you wish you didn’t live in such a boring neighborhood!

26The guy in my neighborhood helping passersby out

27A sign recently erected in my neighborhood

28Someone in my neighborhood totally wins April Fools Day

29I guess my neighbor couldn't decide

30Just moved in and haven't met our neighbors yet. Turns out, we live next door to Wolverine

31My neighbor busted out the color printer to shame this dog owner

32My 101-year-old neighbor was so ready for the eclipse

33When the neighbor is relaxing in her garden with her cat and a hotdog costume

34The neighbors decorated their Lawn Penis Again

35My neighbor brought us a plate of Christmas cookies. After eating the whole plate, we found this on the bottom

36So the people in our building next door are having a party and we're invited

37Heard a noise downstairs, went to check it out...found a drunk neighbor like this

38Last week I put a piece of tape on my bin lid to fix a crack. My 92-year-old neighbor obviously thought we were labeling our bins with our unit numbers

39My neighbor got his reindeer decorations stolen so they put out Grinch ones instead

40I came home from work one day and saw these two barrels outside our neighbor's front lawn

41My neighbors said they would be filming a 'movie'. That's not what I had in mind

42My neighbor's dog has evolved

43A few days ago I saw my neighbor, a deaf man, building what I thought was a snowman. Yesterday he finished his masterpiece

44This happens every time our neighbor's grill

45So, looks like my neighbors planned a long weekend away

46Google Maps level neighbor feud

47My grandpa's neighbor ordered an inflatable Santa online. They sent him the wrong size

48So my neighbors put a headboard out for the trash and apparently forgot something

49My friend parked like a d-bag. The neighbor kids left him a message

50Saw this is my neighbor's yard today


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