Living next to someone gives you a front row seat to all the weird stuff they do in the “privacy” of their own homes. Sometimes they’re “fun and silly” crazy, sometimes they’re “weird and depressing” crazy, and other times, they’re just straight up “are-you-a-murderer” crazy.

We have compiled a list of pics of the funniest, the strangest, and the scariest neighbors we could find. The list below will either make you yearn for that cabin in the woods, or it’ll make you wish you didn’t live in such a boring neighborhood!

1My neighbors are a bit sadistic

2Considerate Neighbours

3My marina neighbor has a pretty relaxed attitude towards boating

4Feared the worst when my Marine-turned-cop neighbor called me saying 'Come quick my kids....there's b*inaudible* everywhere... Wifes gone'

5Just moved into the new house. I got to meet the neighbor dogs on my afternoon walk

6My friend couldn't find her dog anywhere. And then her neighbor called

7Someone is unhappy with their neighbor

8Received a complaint from my Canadian neighbors

9I live on a boat. My neighbor is into Yoga and Stand Up Paddling. This is what happens when you put the two together

10Turns out my neighbor has declared war on someone

11A new neighbor decided to introduce herself

12My neighbor always makes me feel welcome

13Dad's homemade jacuzzi vs next door neighbor's. Speechless

14My neighbors are weird

15We ran out of toilet paper and asked our downstairs neighbor if we could borrow some. This is how it arrived, delivered to our door

16Found a hard drive yesterday and this picture of my neighbor was on it

17So, my neighbor just got a new plant

18Seen at my college dorm

19A note from our dorm room neighbors

20A neighbor had a note on their door, I had a follow-up note

21Just pulled up next door. My husband thinks this confirms our neighbors are drug dealers

22It was a muddy walk to the front door of my neighbor's house. Wasn't sure what to do

23My sister has a neighbor with a Manatee mailbox

24A friend found this in her neighborhood

25So my neighbor has a DeLorean, and apparently so do his buddies


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