Did you too have that eerie desire to look up random things (and not just the onions) under a microscope and speculate what it really looks like? So get ready to see your world in a whole new light! For better or worse, get reacquainted with everyday objects like you’ve never seen them before with these cool microscope images! What things do you wish you could see up close?

26Wing of a male ant

27Microscopic view of a mosquito egg raft

28DNA strands

29Tapeworm head

30The stem of a rose

31Sequin fabric

32Salted almond

33Scientist created this tiny US flag on the Y in Liberty on a US Penny using an ion beam

34Polarized muscovite

35Business Card. To the eye, this appears navy blue


37Eyes and pedipalps of a jumping spider at x100

38iPhone 6s Display

39Defect pattern in a thin layer of resist, unintentionally generated at the edge of a silicon chip during nanoimprint lithography

40Human neurons at 100x magnification

41The first ever picture of a hydrogen atom

42Red onion plant cells, before and after osmosis. Taken through a regular light microscope.

43A Match under a microscope

44Pine Stem at 40x magnification

45This is a leafhopper magnified

46Transversal cut of an ethiol, with its spangiums full of spores

47A grain of salt

48E coli gram stained

49Micro Christmas Trees

50Black Ant Macro


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