Did you too have that eerie desire to look up random things (and not just the onions) under a microscope and speculate what it really looks like? So get ready to see your world in a whole new light! For better or worse, get reacquainted with everyday objects like you’ve never seen them before with these cool microscope images! What things do you wish you could see up close?

1Salt grains under a microscope

2Muscle tissue through an electron microscope

3A toilet made microscopically

4Bluebottle Fly Larva

5A peacock tail feather magnified 40 times

6Two-day-old Zebrafish larvae

7Strawberry seeds

8Shark skin

9A sliver of silicon from a shattered Intel Celeron processor die

10Grass under a microscope

11Chalk under microscope

12Tip Of Sharp Knife

1316-cell human embryo on a pin

14Unidentified parasite that climbed out of a sea urchin gonad

15Peacock feather under a stereo microscope

16Look at how happy this amoeba is

17Fruit Fly Eye

18Intricate microstructures created by tightly controlled chemical reactions and crystallization conditions

19Whiteboard Eraser

20Micro-chain Drive Fabricated at Sandia National Laboratory

21Artery and red blood cells

22Pencil Mark on Printer Paper

23iPhone Cable 30 Pin Scissor-Cut

24Moth's face at 4x

25Soap bubbles at 40x magnification


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