Much like with love, when we stop searching we make the best discoveries. You could spend all day dragging a metal detector across the beach, but often it is the person taking a casual stroll that happens upon an unexpected treasure. At least the people on the list below would probably agree with this philosophy, each one found their own unique ‘gems’ at the most random times and in some very odd places.

51A pair of old ice skates

52An actual road sign found in Alaska

53A bullet from World Wars found lodged in a plank of French oak

54A duck found in someone's white blood cell

55A smiley face in a carrot

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56Someone set this up in a company breakroom

57Someone found this dinosaur while on a hike

58Lipstick mark inside a toilet.

59A bullet in a corn

60Imaging finding this in an abandoned house. Impressive artwork but damn


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