Much like with love, when we stop searching we make the best discoveries. You could spend all day dragging a metal detector across the beach, but often it is the person taking a casual stroll that happens upon an unexpected treasure. At least the people on the list below would probably agree with this philosophy, each one found their own unique ‘gems’ at the most random times and in some very odd places.

26A teacher found this while doing a locker check

27Corkscrew icicle coming out of a pipe

28Tape measure embedded in concrete

29Someone found a Russian Sagger Missile lying on the floor of the server room

30This dog found a large pile of carrots in the woods

31Face on an iceberg in Antarctica

32132-year-old Winchester rifle found leaning up against a tree in Nevada

33A homemade electric chair found in an abandoned building in Croatia

34Little home found on a hike

35Dinosaur carvings in a Cambodian Temple

36A submerged Jeep found while Scuba diving

37A cicada with the McDonald's logo on it's back

38This Swastika was found inside an HTC One Phone

39Someone found this in a wrecked car in the middle of outback Australia

40A tree wedged full of coins found in a forest

41This tiny plant growing in a car window

42The true Iron Throne someone found under a bridge

43A frog found in a lettuce pack

44Someone found this while exploring some drains

45A 50ft tall Lego woman statue in the middle of the desert, 125 miles outside Vegas

46Gooseneck Barnacles on a bulb washed up on an Australian Beach

47This quartz found in Arkansas is worth $4 million

48After a storm in New England, a Puffer Fish was found in a tree

49Abandoned and never used open theater in the middle of an Egyptian desert

50A drought in Mexico uncovered a 400-year-old colonial church in the middle of a reservoir


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