Much like with love, when we stop searching we make the best discoveries. You could spend all day dragging a metal detector across the beach, but often it is the person taking a casual stroll that happens upon an unexpected treasure. At least the people on the list below would probably agree with this philosophy, each one found their own unique ‘gems’ at the most random times and in some very odd places.

1Sign near the woods in Akhighora that depicts a man jumping over some scary looking hands

2A really blue pond found in the woods of Myanmar.

3A stream crossing another stream

4Staircase in the woods

5Some random ground art on a walk

6This delightful object on the grounds of an old country hotel

7Broken glass jar acting as a natural greenhouse found in the woods

8An art installation made entirely out of old bike tires in the middle of a remote forest

9Impressive gnome meet up on a hillside

10A wooden statue chained between trees in a forest in Estonia

11An old Helicopter abandoned in the woods

12Wooden ship unearthed under Twin Tower rubble

13Doors standing in the middle of nowhere

14Someone found the cliff this Clif bar came from

15When you hike in the woods on a hot day and come across an oasis

16On a random road in China

17A Prada store in the West Texas desert that is never open for business

18Golf ball found inside a log

19This Super Nintendo has been made into part of a wall

20A bull elk on top of a roof

21A weird whale statue in the middle of a forest in Argentina

22This field of abandoned rocking horses

23Little sprout growing in a car

24This was found outside the Scientology building being torn down in Denmark

25Ceiling light full of rubber ducks in a pub in Edinburgh


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