The best (and worst) thing about work is the fact that you can’t choose your colleagues. Much like a dysfunctional family, some them are awesome and some of them are… not so awesome. Check out our hand-picked gallery of some of the most hilarious, passive-aggressive and downright weird workplace signs and notes.

26Must be Ninja Turtle Fan

27Men's bathroom sign


29Old-school warning sign

30Funny sign

31Sign at a local library

32No smoking sign in a Singapore office

33Bang Head Here


35Keeping it professional

36Dangerous equipment

37Dan is angry

38Days Since Last Incident

39Sign at a local tattoo studio

40Dating Cans


42I'll do my best

43Trash Can

44Sign in an office bathroom.


46Public Toothbrush

47Toilet Brush

48Crying Permitted

49Fabric Cutting Tools

50At least there's a sign.


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