The best (and worst) thing about work is the fact that you can’t choose your colleagues. Much like a dysfunctional family, some them are awesome and some of them are… not so awesome. Check out our hand-picked gallery of some of the most hilarious, passive-aggressive and downright weird workplace signs and notes.

1Mounted on a centrifuge

2A sign worthy of every workplace

3Best workplace notice I’ve ever seen!


5Instant Death Guaranteed!

6Safety warning at a hospital

7Use water

8Sign at a lawyer's office

9Joy of the office

10Curse Free Zone

11Office Humor

12Words of wisdom

13But if the tag isn’t there... people wouldn’t know not to use it...


15Schrödinger’s exit

16Please wash your own hands

17A helpful sign at a post office

18Inside a bathroom stall

19I.T. Office Sign

20Warning sign

21Outside a company restroom


23Possibly, not for sure

24Lots of Signs



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