The funniest demotivational posters not only make us laugh and shake our heads but prove once and for all that trying is really not worth it. These posters mock the inspirational and serene motivational posters by showing the unfortunate side of each situation.

Rather than painting a rosy picture of how awesome your life could be, these funny demotivational posters tell it how it is. These top demotivational posters will never make the walls of classrooms, libraries, or offices, but they’ll demotivate anywhere they appear. These are the life lessons that sooner or later we’ll all learn and most of us the hard way. Life can be cruel and hard but as these hilarious demotivational posters prove, it can always be worse.


52Shoot for the Moon

53Pulling Together



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56You Are Special

57Be the Bridge

58Dare to be different

59Dare to Soar



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