Packaging is a tricky thing. It is an absolute requirement in our current lives but a tricky endeavor to do right. Depending on the fragility and size of the products, packaging needs to take many varied and complex forms. We have compiled a list of infuriating examples of designers taking advantage of the innocent.

From a deceiving box, hiding the true size of a sandwich to a clever wrap to making it look like there was a more product in the package that it contained, there should be a special place in hell for everyone who contributed to these packaging ideas. Scroll down to check out why you shouldn’t trust a product you see for the first time.

1Packaging that tricks you

2This roll of stickers is really just a sheet of 20

3I would like to thank Suave for increasing the size of their bottle by -17%

4I paid $4 extra for it to arrive wrapped

5They knew what they were doing. It was perfectly placed in the box

6To make this bucket of constructor set look full, they put a paper cone inside with some constructor pieces printed on it to make it less noticeable

7A hole in the middle

8The fortune in these fortune cookies

9$110 for a textbook that isn't even bound

10This advertisement is designed to Look like an Amazon Package

11Physical box of Fallout 76 just has a download code instead of a disc

12Trying to hide their factory from ruining their claim at being homemade

13The reflection makes it look like you are buying 3 pens but you are only buying one

14Seriously? Contradictory at its finest

15I was misled

16The chocolate in the chocolate muesli bar is only behind the transparent part

17Bigger bottle, fewer tablets

18So it's neither of these

19Cranberry’ chocolate bar

20Crappy Houdini corkscrew seems weighty and high-quality due to a hidden hunk of cement in the package. Magic!

21The heart has 8 and costs $5. The box has 12 and costs $3.66

22My disappointment is immeasurable

23This is the gingerbread dough I bought in Swedish supermarket City Gross

24There’s just enough to fit in the window

25Not sure what I expected when I saw 25% off


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