Some bad drivers think they “own the road.” They fuel road rage, elevate your blood pressure and use the middle finger to communicate with others they share the roads with. You know who they are. In fact, you may be one of them.

With over 200 million registered vehicles in the US alone, accidents and road rage are bound to happen. Some of us are decent, and some are pretty reckless drivers, but a good piece of advice is to ‘drive like nobody else knows how to.’ With distracted driving being the number one cause for incidents, the people in our list below contribute to this matter quite a lot.

51Final destination fear happened in real life. Drive safe you guys

52The Norwegian police stopped this car after it drove so fast that the wheelbarrow wheel started to smoke. The owner tried to fix it after a previous collision

53People do the dumbest things while driving

54Easy pass

55Driving in Houston is exhilarating

56Must be that new X-ray windshield

57Driving along when suddenly

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58My friend took this yesterday. Yes, that is a police officer texting while driving a motorcycle

59I know my car

60A friend shared this on fB of someone transporting a fridge or freezer in Lansing, Michigan

61What my brother saw driving home from work today

62Drivers wanted: must have experience with Tetris, Jenga, legos, and bungees

63So this pulled into the shop today

64Some guy drove a BMW into the town dump


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