Some bad drivers think they “own the road.” They fuel road rage, elevate your blood pressure and use the middle finger to communicate with others they share the roads with. You know who they are. In fact, you may be one of them.

With over 200 million registered vehicles in the US alone, accidents and road rage are bound to happen. Some of us are decent, and some are pretty reckless drivers, but a good piece of advice is to ‘drive like nobody else knows how to.’ With distracted driving being the number one cause for incidents, the people in our list below contribute to this matter quite a lot.

1Don’t text and drive

2Driver mistakes a footbridge for an overpass

3Nice tire

4The drive ran over three cones and didn't stop when everyone was yelling to 'STOP'

5This driver will seriously injure someone with this kind of behavior

6Someone should tell them it is deflatable and then they would be able to go faster than 15 mph

7Doesn't look safe driving the car like that

8My cab driver is reading 'Learning to Drive' while driving

9While driving through Philly, I saw a scene from Always Sunny playing out in real life

10A man driving with Sun shades on the freeway

11A whole new level of idiot

12Driving in Peru when suddenly

13My Taxi driver was watching a movie while driving on the highway. I got out as soon as I could. He refused to turn it off

14So I'm driving home today and see this besides me

15Driving In Milwaukee when suddenly

16Saw a guy driving around on these quality tires

17Charger Hellcat, summer tires, snowstorm

18Massachusetts state just posted this one lol

19Thought I was behind a drunk driver this morning. I pull up at a stoplight next to them and turns out it's just someone face timing while driving. And yes she was holding the phone up to eye level the entire time she was driving

20My friend heard an odd noise in her car

21We have some terrible drivers in California

22This dude decided to climb a bike trail with his car

23Spotted at Sams gas station. Only the driver seat didn't have trash

24In a taxi in Taiwan, when the driver starts playing Plants Vs. Zombies

25Local donut shop put a rock in their planter to keep people from driving over plants


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