Ever walked down the street and thought you saw one thing but looked twice and realized it was actually a completely different thing? You’re not alone! We have put together a list of things that look like something else. From rocks that look like food to trees that look like monsters – all of these things will make you look twice!

1Bird poop on this car looks like a bird pooping

2The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry pie

3This Rock looks like a peanut butter sandwich

4This Isn't Jupiter

5This gecko looks like a tiny dinosaur

6This worn out floor looks like Australia

7Cotton picker at night looks like a huge concert crowd

8This rock looks like a shark

9This root looks like a small monkey

10This natural rock that looks like uncooked bacon

11Moss on my pond looks like an aerial picture

12The bottom of this corn plant looks like a tiny hand

13This tree stump that looks like a dragon skull

14This fallen post looks like a discarded cigarette

15The Frost of the roof of this car looks like a view of the earth from space

16The inside of this tropical pitcher plant looks like a QR code

17These rocks look like eggs

18This tree looks like a forest monster is watching over you

19This rock that looks like a loaf of bread with a bite taken out

20This rock looks like Raphael

21This rock looks like it has a clock

22This onion looks like an angry bird

23These three random men in this photo look like the same person

24The inside of this tomato looks like a strawberry

25This empty bag of blood looks like a snowy mountaintop


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