Camouflaging is generally done when a person needs to hide him or herself. They disguise themselves in a way to blend in with their surroundings. In today’s world, however, it can be quite easy to unintentionally camouflage or blend in with something. Have you ever showed up to a place in an outfit that perfectly matched the wall or furniture? Or have you ever mistaken a solid object for a transparent one? It’s not exactly common but it definitely catches your eye every time you may spot it. Check out our list below of multiple things perfectly blending into their surroundings.

26Beach wear


28Pool Game

29This phone case


31There is turtle walking around in this pic

32Did that rug always have feet

33There's a baby on that playmat

34Matching socks to the carpet

35Stealth kitty


37This fluffy dog blends into the carpet

38There's a dropped phone lying face down on this carpet

39The dog loves this blanket

40Man holding a caught bluegill

41Indognito 2

42Invisible knives

43Her phone and her dress have become one

44Someone's sleeping on the black carpet

45Honey have you seen fluffy

46Accidental optical illusion camouflage

47Expert level hide and seek

48Dog in the rocks


50Color Coordination


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