Camouflaging is generally done when a person needs to hide him or herself. They disguise themselves in a way to blend in with their surroundings. In today’s world, however, it can be quite easy to unintentionally camouflage or blend in with something. Have you ever showed up to a place in an outfit that perfectly matched the wall or furniture? Or have you ever mistaken a solid object for a transparent one? It’s not exactly common but it definitely catches your eye every time you may spot it. Check out our list below of multiple things perfectly blending into their surroundings.

1That one time he received compliments on his shirt

2Invisible Guy

3Flip-flops - They aren't transparent

4Dog on a rug

5Now where did I put my iPad

6Man by day, chair by night

7Iranian Woman in Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran

8This phone case blends in well

9What feet

10Outfit under construction

11Museum Visit

12Restroom Tiles

13What happened to my burrito

14Shoes match the pebbles

15In Soviet Russia, ATM uses you.


17What cat

18Hedgehog matching almost perfectly to carpet

19Nice Rug

20Hotel Bed

21Matching Outfit




25Bathroom Tiles Again


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